I am still really surprised at how unprepared most organizations are for generative AI.

A recent Salesforce survey of 14,000 people showed that most organizations have not developed AI guidelines and principles for their employees. It seems like the solution for many companies is to leave teams to fend for themselves or outright block the use of AI tools.

To help combat this issue, we shared our template on AI guidelines and principles last week that people could download and adjust based on their company needs.

And now, we’d like to continue to help our MOPs community with a new shiny tool:

Our very own custom GPT called MOPs AI Advisor.

It’s 100% free to use if you have a Chat GPT Plus or Enterprise subscription.


What does it do?

The custom GPT itself is trained on that same AI guidelines and principles template. It has been designed to do two things:

First, it lets you generate your own AI principles and guidelines from the ground up, tailored specifically to your company. You can use chat prompts to feed it information about the style of your organization and the amount of control you want to have over AI.

From there, it’ll draft you your very own set of AI principles and guidelines, acting as a strong foundation to build on. MOPs has an opportunity to take a leadership role if not a recommending role on this.

Second, and arguably more interesting and useful over the long run, is that it’ll allow you to input specific AI use case ideas you have and get feedback on the possible data security and privacy implications you may not have considered.

For example, one of our experiments here at RP was to use AI to generate personalized content for nurture campaigns in Marketo. Now, we can put that use case concept into MOPs AI Advisor and get helpful feedback on aspects to consider as we move forward.


Laying the groundwork

The creation of this custom GPT (and our template from last week) is our way of sharing our thought processes and AI best practices with the community.

By doing some of the work for you, we aim to not only make your lives a bit easier but also enable you to take some of these challenges into your own hands.

Interact with the MOPs AI Advisor and conduct some experiments of your own. We’re living in exciting times, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with.