During our AI Panel at MOps-Apalooza in November 2023, audience members were asked to raise their hand if their MOPs team had AI guidelines and principles. I was pretty surprised when hardly any hands went up.

In fact, I think the only people raising their hands were members of our RP Team. I was chatting with Paul Wilson who moderated that session with Brandee Sanders and Connor Jeffers and he was also surprised by where the community was at.

It’s clear that most of our community is using AI or has at least tried it. Now is as good a time as any to share some of the ways we are thinking about AI at RP.

We’ve put together a template that we hope will serve as a foundation for AI guidelines and principles within your MOPs team (and organization as a whole).


What’s in the template

The document is divided into three sections.

1. AI Use Models for Organizations:

  • This outlines the merits and challenges of various approaches: open use, moderate restrictions, and high control environments.

2. General MOPs AI Guidelines:

  • An eight-point consideration list. These guidelines provide a blueprint for leveraging AI effectively and responsibly in your MOPs environment.

3. Three Approaches to AI Principles:

  • Based on the AI Use Models, there are three distinct frameworks. These models outlines options for organizations to adopt and tailor AI in alignment with their goals and values.


MOPs helping MOPs

AI is transforming the marketing landscape and understanding how to harness its potential responsibly and effectively is crucial.

We want to help the community by sharing our knowledge and experiences. Whether you’re a seasoned MOPs professional or just starting, hopefully these templates provide you food for thought.

You can download the full template document below. Nothing gated. Just a link to download. Hopefully this is helpful for you as you think about AI in your company.