Is My Agency Charging Me Too Much for Emails?

Hey Joe,

My team and I have been working with an agency to create our emails — but I’m worried that we may be paying too much. Every time we send a request, it takes weeks to deliver, and that makes it challenging to get to market as quickly as we need to.
How much should agencies charge for an email? And how long should it take to create them?

Cost-conscious Caroline


Hi Caroline,

Thanks so much for bringing up this question. Email is such an important marketing tool for both B2C and B2B businesses, and it’s tough to feel that your partners aren’t doing the most they can to make your campaigns both efficient and effective. Trust me, you’re not alone.

The truth is, it depends. I know this may sound like a wishy-washy answer, but bear with me. When it comes to how an agency scopes out an email project it depends on the size of the campaign you’re giving them, how many other clients they’re dealing with, and how long they’ve been in the space. These are all things that can dictate the price tag on an email campaign — as well as how much time it takes the agency to deliver the end product.

You likely first engaged your agency because you didn’t have the right resources and skills to create emails in-house. And that’s totally fine; it’s the same with many marketing teams. That said, you do still have options when it comes to holding your agency accountable or finding ways to reduce how much of your budget goes to email. Here are four of them.

  • Hold your agency accountable. Have frequent and frank discussions with your agency partners to set key performance indicators. This can include the cost per email, the time spent to develop each one, as well as performance-related metrics.
  • Consider a pay-for-performance model. See if you can set up a payment structure where you don’t pay as much for emails that don’t work or deliver results. FYI, many agencies talk about this, but few actually do it. Check in with your partners to see if they’re open to the conversation — that’ll be a good indicator for how invested they are in your success.
  • Have transparent conversations with your agency. How are they building your emails? What tools are they using? Why does it take them two weeks to deliver one email? Don’t be afraid to ask your agency questions so that they can let you in on their process and build a stronger relationship with you.
  • Know that there’s an alternative. You do have the option to bring email in house — and that doesn’t have to be scary. With a platform like Knak, for example, you can build emails in 20 minutes and be sure that they’ll reach the right people, render properly, and offer an on-brand experience to your readers. And you don’t need a whole team to do it.This last one doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your agency partners. Agencies are built on bold, creative thinking, so tap into that. You can work with your agency team to build the next standout marketing campaign in your industry. And if you feel you still need help with email, Revenue Pulse has an exclusive partnership with Knak — and they’d be happy to help you use the digital platform to its fullest potential. Whichever way you choose to go, you’ll be set up for success.You’ve got this,
    Joe Pulse.

Why Your CMO and CFO Will Love Knak

TLDR: Knak is the first campaign creation platform for enterprise marketing teams—and it seriously speeds up the production of emails and landing pages. But together, Knak and Revenue Pulse give you as much control as you want over emails and landing pages, deployed at the speed you need.

When working with agencies to create emails and landing pages, costs and timelines are often out of your hands. Emails can set you back anywhere from several grand each to dozens of thousands for a batch. Factoring in your partner’s various processes and steps, campaigns might take weeks to get out the door—and even then, code errors and display issues can creep into the final product.

This production process is crying out for improvement. High price tags, high wait times, limited ability to shift direction mid-campaign, no guarantees of perfection; as long as these issues slow down and strain the execution of your most basic campaign materials, your Marketing Operations function will struggle to become as productive and profitable as it deserves.

Good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. For this Tough Talks Made Easy, pull up a chair with your CMO and CFO; it’s time to tell them about Knak.


KNAK 101

Knak is the first campaign creation platform for enterprise marketing teams—and it seriously speeds up the creation of emails and landing pages. Knak makes it possible for users to create emails and landing pages themselves, code-free, to an average production time of 23 minutes. 

If your C-Suite needs a sense of what this means for agility: this is roughly the amount of time you’d spend briefing an agency, or even less. From there, they’d likely return your campaign materials several days or weeks down the line. Compare 23 minutes to weeks for one email—now imagine the productivity gains across a whole working week, with all the coding and drawn-out processes eliminated.

That increased speed also fuels value for money. Putting your previous email budget into a Knak subscription frees you to quickly execute unlimited emails and landing pages against your budget, and it also saves significant cash money. The result? Greater bang for the buck and streamlined spending compared to working piecemeal with agencies on campaigns. 

Persuasive as that might be for your CFO, your CMO also wants to hear about brand control. Knak lets you populate templates with your organization’s branding, and the platform’s approval workflows and permission management mean that only the people relevant to each campaign can make changes. 

In other words: you avoid a Wild West situation where too many cooks spoil your assets with inconsistency. The people in your team who really understand customers unleash their creativity on beautiful, on-brand emails and landing pages—and get them to market up to 95% faster than before. 

That’s a significant leap forward, but for some organizations, time is too valuable. Knak cuts email and landing page creation down to 23 minutes, but your CMO might still prefer to delegate all executional work and have MOPs steer strategy and deliver high-value projects. If that’s the position your leadership’s in, we’ve got even better news for you.



When it comes to agencies, Knak works exclusively with Revenue Pulse. Working with both at the same time drives even more value from your investment; our staff are Knak experts, and you have the option of deferring to our team for the hands-on work while delivering campaigns exponentially faster with Knak. 

This, for C-Suite, is where the magic really happens: together, Knak and Revenue Pulse give you as much control as you want over emails and landing pages, deployed at the speed you need. Both sides of this partnership amplify each other to substantially increase the agility and control you have with campaigns; far beyond what other agencies that provide these services can offer.

With emails and landing pages being created faster than ever, perhaps off your plate entirely, this opens the door to high-level prioritization. Your CMO can elevate the workload of your MOPs or Rev Ops teams so your time and energy are spent achieving A-list strategic items—think lead lifecycles, lead scoring, attribution, and analytics.

The ability to iterate faster and more effectively, while deepening the sophistication of projects your Marketing Operations team handles, leads to evolving maturity. The more you can execute and refine campaigns, the more you can optimize the ROI and impact of your marketing automation investment. 

Long-term, using Knak and Revenue Pulse together expedites your evolution into an operation that produces effective campaigns with swift efficiency, to the benefit of your bottom line. This is what C-Suite ultimately wants Marketing Operations to achieve; Knak and Revenue Pulse give you the tools and the expertise to get there.

Knak was born of a necessary, urgent need to simplify complex processes with emails and landing pages. As it develops to become the starting point to create any campaign, we’re excited to see how else we can make the lives of marketers easier.

Curious about Knak and/or Revenue Pulse? Contact us or our friends at Knak for a chat.