Preference Center Design


Email Preference Center Design

Project Summary

Algonquin College, based in Ottawa, Ontario, is a progressive school, committed to being a global leader in personalized, digitally connected, experiential learning. Unfortunately, they were saddled with a preference center that was anything but progressive.


Algonquin had previously hired a consultancy firm to build their preference center, but what they got was monstrous: so big and complicated that their Marketing Operations team was never able to get it off the ground. They reached out to us looking for something simple, clean, and most importantly, user-friendly.


We worked with their team to create a preference center that met brand requirements, regularly referring back to the stakeholders to ensure alignment with their strategy. Ultimately, they were able to launch a version that was in keeping with best practices, meets email compliance requirements, and communicates Algonquin’s progressive feel to their digital audience.