“Revenue Pulse knows the system, knows the platform & has a team that can support us.”

Timothy Somerville, Director of Digital Marketing, Sprott Asset Management

“What would I tell somebody about working with Revenue Pulse? I’d say, hire them!”

Sprott Asset Management realized early on in the process with Marketo that implementation would have been impossible on their own. They needed a partner to assist with marketing automation and to help them be able to grow and engage with their largely untapped customer database.


“To do this on our own would have been impossible,” says Sprott’s Director of Digital Marketing, Timothy Somerville. “Revenue Pulse knows the system, knows the platform & has a team that can support us.”


Sprott needed a partner with whom they could build a strong relationship. With Revenue Pulse the relationship has thrived on an ongoing atmosphere of honesty and guidance. Concerning the relationship, Somerville explains that “it’s not build it and forget it – it’s an ongoing evolution of the platform and the program. And as the program evolves, the relationship matures. Then it becomes not a vendor-client relationship – it becomes a partnership.”

Sprott Asset Management’s Story

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Sprott Asset Management


Sprott Asset Management is a Toronto-based alternative asset manager. From a product prospective, Sprott offers a variety of investment solutions, from mutual funds to alternative strategies, physical bullion trusts and more.

Industry Financial Services

Assets Under Management: $7.4B

Website sprott.com