“It was really valuable having the Revenue Pulse team to help us out. They have kind of a been there done that attitude and it really shows when you work with them.”

Vee Vitozzi, Marketing Communications Manager, Panasonic

Revenue Pulse initially started working with Panasonic during their Marketo implementation. They needed a partner who knew Salesforce inside out, who could go into their Salesforce environment and really make the two systems sing.


“We just didn’t know what we didn’t know. The team at Revenue Pulse really helped us figure out what was important, what we needed to build in Marketo, and how to set everything up” recalls Marketing Communications Manager from Panasonic, Vee Vitozzi.


Panasonic was undergoing a major technology transformation. The addition of Marketo and retooling of Salesforce meant that they could start using these systems to provide better customer experiences, increase revenues and gain visibility to make more informed business decisions.


“It was a major change from both a technology and business process perspective. Literally everything was changing – but it needed to be done. We are the market leader in many categories for our products, and we needed to be the same when it came to our own use of technology”, said Vitozzi.


Revenue Pulse helped Panasonic structure their entire lead management process. From architecting and building their lead lifecycle, lead scoring model and campaign structure to get full ROI reporting capabilities. In addition, Revenue Pulse provided Panasonic with advice and best practices on lead generation programs and expected results.

Panasonic’s Story

Company Profile



Panasonic Corporation is a Japanese multinational electronics corporation headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The company was founded in 1918 and has grown to become one of the largest Japanese electronics producers. In addition to electronics, it offers non-electronic products and services such as home renovation services.

Industry Electronics, Semiconductors, Home Appliances

Annual Revenue $62.7B

Website panasonic.com

It’s an awesome experience to be able to help guide a company like Panasonic through their introduction into Marketing Automation. It’s nice to be able to work with such a strong team of people who are excited and open to learn and try new things that will really help their business.


Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder, Revenue Pulse