“If I send them an email at 8 o’clock in the morning at 8:05 I’m getting a response back.”

Jonathan Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager, Klipfolio

Klipfolio leans on Revenue Pulse for Marketo best practices and guidance that can keep up with a startup pace.

Klipfolio was in typical startup mode when we first engaged with them. They were running at a million miles an hour and had tremendous momentum and traction in the dashboard and monitoring space.


They had recently invested in Marketo, and realized that their LaunchPack implementation was not tailored enough to their business. They were having issues with leads flowing from their SaaS application into Marketo, and the Salesforce sync was a constant painpoint.


“I am extremely happy that we brought Revenue Pulse in when we did at the early stages of our Marketo deployment” said Digital Marketing Manager turned Marketo rockstar, Jonathan Taylor.


“We were about 6 weeks into our Marketo deployment and we realized that we in totally over our heads. Although we were a smart marketing team, we needed help with data governance and other implementation challenges that came up.”


At Revenue Pulse, we have customers big and small, but really enjoy working with agile startups like Klipfolio. We were able to help them connect all aspects of the lifeblood of their business, their trial, into Marketo and set them up with a full nurture program that communicates with their trial users intelligently, every step of the way.


In addition, through the training that we provided core members of their team, they have become some of the best Marketo practitioners in the world. A testament of this is their new Marketo dashboards that they have offered through their product that gives Marketers who use Marketo access to real-time dashboards that allow them to monitor their business.


“I am most excited about the partnership and relationships that we have created with Klipfolio. Not only did we help them setup their Marketo instance and build a scalable foundation for them to grow and drive revenue from, but we created a partnership that will help other Marketo clients benefit from their dashboarding technology”, says Revenue Pulse founder Pierce Ujjainwalla.

Company Profile




Klipfolio Dashboard is an online dashboard platform for building real-time business dashboards. It allows business users to connect to many data services, automate data retrieval, and then manipulate and visualize the data.

Industry Dashboards/Internet/SaaS

Total Equity Funding $7.75M

Website klipfolio.com

Klipfolio’s Story

“We needed someone who really understood Marketo, rather than going to Marketo Support we go directly to Revenue Pulse and ask them the tough questions – and get answers back the same day.”


Jonathan Taylor, Digital Marketing Manager, Klipfolio