Data is the fuel that drives your organization forward, guiding nearly every critical business decision you make. Your company’s data needs to be accurate, organized, and reliable.

For marketing and sales teams, this means emphasizing data hygiene strategies and best practices that keep your Marketo and Salesforce databases free from dirty data, which includes:

šŸ‘‰ Duplicates

šŸ‘‰ Typos

šŸ‘‰ Outdated information

šŸ‘‰ Incomplete entries

šŸ‘‰ Prospects that don’t align with your target persona

While many leadership teams understand this, the data hygiene strategies they employ are often insufficient or poorly enforced. And nothing is more damaging to campaign ROI than dirty data.


Dirty data risks

A database with bad data runs the risk of campaigns going to the wrong people and will leave sales reps chasing prospects who are no longer relevant to your offers.


“A marketer’s job becomes more challenging when you have to explain why customer relationships are strained.”


This is also a surefire way to hinder your sender’s reputation when those offers are inevitably marked as spam by incorrect recipients.

As a marketer, your job becomes much more challenging when you have to explain to leadership why customer relationships are strained, and campaign performance is dropping.


Data management pain points

If you want to harness the full power that Marketo and Salesforce can offer your business, it’s essential to maintain a clean database. But this is easier said than done.

We see so many marketers constantly struggling to effectively manage their data within these systems, which aggravates common pain points such as:

1. Duplicate Information

When your Marketo instance is filled with duplicate records, your customer data becomes inaccurate and unreliable.

And, if you can’t trust your data, you lose your ability to make important decisions that impact campaign effectiveness.

Not to mention, duplicates directly translate to avoidable expenses, as Marketo charges based on record totals. For companies with a significant inflow of data coming in, cleaning and correcting duplicates by hand will plummet overall team productivity as well.


2. Complex Workflows & 3rd Party Apps

Since Marketo lacks out-of-the-box data normalization or clean up flows, many companies must resort to complex workflows and 3rd party apps to automate this process ā€“ neither of which is ideal.

These data normalization workflows in Marketo are difficult to set up and typically involve very slow flow steps that stifle momentum and productivity for teams.

And 3rd party apps that merge duplicates can get very expensive, normally costing upwards of $4,000 per year on a subscription basis.


Data hygiene management

To combat all of these issues, we’ve designed an all-in-one solution for Marketo-Salesforce customers that:

šŸ‘‰ Cleans existing Marketo data

šŸ‘‰ Prevents future bad data, and

šŸ‘‰ Offers a customizable Salesforce dashboard for real-time data quality status.

With this solution, you get a comprehensive set of features previously unavailable to our customer base:

āž”ļø Merge Marketo Duplicates: Identify and merge duplicate information in Marketo for improved data integrity and accuracy. This will streamline data management processes and boost data-driven decision-making confidence.

āž”ļø Streamline Data Normalization: Effortlessly update standard database fields for each record, including:

  • country
  • country phone code, and
  • website information.

This will reduce reliance on third-party apps and eliminate the need for complex, tedious flow steps in Marketo ā€“ allowing marketers to maintain a clean and reliable database for better targeting, segmentation, and personalization.

āž”ļø Customizable Salesforce Dashboard: A customizable Salesforce dashboard will provide real-time visibility into data quality.

The dashboard empowers users, allowing them to proactively monitor and improve data accuracy, completeness, and consistency ā€“ leading to more effective campaigns and decision-making.

āž”ļø Cost Savings: Since Marketo charges by the number of records in a database, eliminating duplicates will help companies save money.

In addition, companies will cut out recurring costs incurred by third-party apps, and improve the overall effectiveness of their campaigns.


“Dirty data can stifle productivity, strain customer relationships, and reduce campaign ROI.”


It’s clear that dirty data can stifle productivity, strain customer relationships, and reduce campaign ROI. And the currently available solutions for maintaining a clean Marketo and Salesforce database come with technical headaches, slowdowns, and recurring expenses.

The Data Hygiene Management Package is a direct response to these challenges, offering marketers the option to:

āœ… Streamline data normalization

āœ… Merge duplicate records

āœ… Access real-time data quality status

All while removing reliance on third-party apps and slow flow steps in Marketo.

Learn more about how you can implement it into your current system here.