Data Hygiene Management Package

Marketo database clean up + customizable Salesforce dashboard

Regain trust in your data

    Have confidence in your data

    If you can’t trust your data, you can’t trust your decisions. Having confidence in your data means having the best insights into your customers and prospects. See how Revenue Pulse can help.

    The Real Cost of Dirty Data


    The amount by which email marketing databases naturally degrade yearly, according to Hubspot.


    The amount that poor data quality costs the US economy every year, according to IBM.


    The amount of revenue that companies waste on inaccurate data, according to Experian.

    The problem with current data hygiene options

    • Lack of streamlined flows in Marketo to normalize data.
    • Depends on complex, slow flow steps in Marketo smart campaigns.
    • Reliance on 3rd party apps for merging duplicates.
    • No real-time visibility on data quality and completeness.
    • Marketers must use different Marketo smart lists to view the current state of data.
    • Duplicate records are expensive as Marketo charges by the number of records.

    Data hygiene management package

    • Merges new and existing duplicate records
    • Normalizes data across records and fields
    • Updates standard fields like country, country phone code, website, etc.
    • Customizable Salesforce reporting dashboard

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