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About Joe Peters

Joseph Peters is the new CEO of Revenue Pulse. Joe is passionate about his new team and their focus on client service excellence with Marketo consulting and solutions. Joe’s background is in strategy, social, digital, and research, but he began as an entrepreneur. In 2012, he sold his professional services firm to WPP, and since that time, he has served in C-suite roles within WPP companies: Chief Strategy Officer, Chief Marketing Officer at H+K Strategies, and President of GCI Canada. Joe’s strength lies in strategy and innovation with a focus on delivering client service excellence. His intellectual curiosity and rapid synthesis skills allow him to craft strategies and solutions that deliver. He has worked in almost every major sector and served clients in B2B, B2C, B2G, and G2C roles. Major clients include LG, Ford, First Data, DAZN, McCains, Global Affairs Canada, and the Public Health Agency of Canada.