Steven Moody

Marketo Consultant

Based in Berkeley, California


After discovering information systems while working at Denny’s at age 16, Steven Moody began looking for system design flaws everywhere. His first marketing experience took place at a B2B division of Seagate, where he helped the company migrate from Marketbright to Marketo.

Inspired by the 4-Hour Workweek, Steven caught the digital nomad bug and soon found himself starting a Marketo consultancy while living in Asia.

There, he established himself as a Marketo Champion and speaker on emerging trends in Demand Generation before finding his way back to California.

Currently, Steven supports Revenue Pulse clients and explores the future while living in Berkeley, California.

2xMarketo Champion
Salesforce Partner

Career Defining Moment

Steven is proud to have built an agency in South East Asia from the ground up. He counts speaking at Martech Conference and being recognized at iOS Dev Camp for his parody relationship app among his career highlights.

Biggest Learning Moment

When Steven launched his agency in Vietnam, he lacked the customer base to grow demand as fast as he could hire. Because of this, he started applying every “best practice” we talk about in demand generation, and saw first-hand the challenges organizations face in both sales and marketing. This gives him a rare lens into sales/marketing alignment, which he uses everyday.

Passions Outside Work

Steven loves to explore and spent most of the last decade living abroad across four continents. While in Barcelona, he discovered his love for improv theatre, and now puts his thirst for novelty into improv. When he’s not performing, he’s probably reading a new book or designing a mobile app.