Welcoming Pierre Hage to the Team

Pierre Hage was actually one of Revenue Pulse’s first clients. I got to know him while he was working client-side and was immediately impressed by the results he was able to achieve using inbound techniques. He was working with a limited budget, but you’d never know it from the results he was seeing.

Pierre left a successful career in sales many years ago to branch out into marketing. He’s passionate about helping businesses grow, and he actively looks for opportunities to work alongside the best of the best in exciting organizations. He’s been part of management teams that have successfully navigated mergers and acquisitions and has worked alongside VC-led boards, all with the same strategic blend of creative, operational, and technical abilities.  

As Chief Marketing Officer for Revenue Pulse, Pierre will put his formidable marketing expertise to work for us, creating a platform to share our amazing customer stories with the world. He is someone who just “gets” marketing and has an innate understanding of new marketing trends and technologies. He loves what he does, and there is truly no one else I would trust to help build the RP brand.

“I couldn’t be more excited to join the Revenue Pulse team! I’ve had the opportunity to work with Revenue Pulse many times over the years, and I’ve always been impressed by both the quality of their work and their dedication to their clients. Putting the client’s needs and success above all else is an incredibly powerful business philosophy, and I know first hand that it’s part of the Revenue Pulse DNA. Revenue Pulse is filled with people who love what they do and genuinely care about their customers, and I look forward to maintaining that relentless focus on our customer’s success.”  – Pierre Hage