Welcoming Ethan Thomas

Welcoming Ethan Thomas to the Team

The goal with each new hire at Revenue Pulse is to find a team member that can support our mission of helping our clients drive more revenue through Marketing Technology investments. More than anything, we want our clients to think of us as an extension of their team and forge long-lasting relationships that will span far beyond a single project.

That is why we are excited to welcome Ethan Thomas, who will be our Chief Revenue Officer. I am particularly excited about having Ethan on the team because having been a client, he already has an understanding of the value and support that Revenue Pulse adds to marketing operations teams. He also has a ton of industry experience having led Marketing Operations teams at Citrix and Cisco.

We first met Ethan while he was working at Pure Storage, a valued Revenue Pulse client. Ethan led Marketing Operations and Strategy at Pure Storage, managing full funnel growth initiatives across go-to-market teams and was responsible for annual planning and budget allocation for the Marketing department.

Ethan helped elevate the Pure Storage and Revenue Pulse partnership by maximizing the skillsets of both teams and leveraging the full bench of Revenue Pulse consultants. One of the key reasons we felt Ethan would be a great fit at Revenue Pulse was that he had experienced the value our team could provide from the client’s perspective, and therefore can speak from experience to our customers and prospects. He is not a “Sales” person, but rather a Marketer who has walked in our customers’ shoes and can help align goals and objectives to the right projects and Revenue Pulse resources.

As Chief Revenue Officer at Revenue Pulse, Ethan will help our clients focus on marketing operations initiatives that will yield the biggest and best results. He will advocate for a team that he believes in, and I have no doubt that he will be an excellent ambassador for the Revenue Pulse brand.

“Revenue Pulse was a trusted advisor and extension of my team at Pure and helped us accelerate our goals and revenue. I couldn’t be more excited to join and see how we can spread the magic to others!” – Ethan Thomas

If you are interested in having an open and unbiased conversation with someone who has had experience working with some of the best marketing teams in the world, don’t hesitate to book some time with Ethan.

Please join me in welcoming Ethan to the team!