Is My Team Marketo Material?

OK – so you are responsible for your Marketo instance and the team of people that use it. And you might be wondering, is my team even trainable?

After training hundreds of clients teams, we have come across different types of marketers. I would put them almost in two different categories. You have newschool and oldschool.

Newschool marketers love technology. They look at it as a competitive advantage. If there is a technology that can help them do their job better, they are open to exploring and getting good at it. They look at technology as a competitive advantage as opposed to a chore. They give it the time it requires, and look at it as a good use of their time.

Oldschool marketers are usually set in their ways. They have done things a certain way and don’t care to really learn new things because they are happy with how things are working. Some of these people are incredibly good at what they do, so they don’t feel the need to change. Technology is viewed as more of a hindrance than a help.

Not to profile people, however we have noticed that there are far more older people in the oldschool marketer category than newschool. There are exceptions to every rule but this is a bit of a generalization based on our observations.

Here’s what you need to know about Newschool marketers. They already get it. They have lived in a digital age and something like Marketo is relatively easy for them to pick up. They have literally grown up on the internet, and that has given them a way to learn how to self-teach themselves and there way around technology. Training these people how to use Marketo can be done very quickly with excellent results. Many times, they take the basics and then teach themselves advanced techniques on their own.

Oldschool marketers are different. They don’t look forward to the training. They have so much work to do and the training is cutting into the time they could be using to do their regular jobs. The training is like a checkbox that they need to check off. Once the training is done, they don’t go into Marketo much again and the knowledge is quickly lost. If they don’t have the passion for Marketing automation, and they don’t use the platform much, it is very difficult to get them to be self-sufficient.

So – what’s the takeaway? If you have all oldschool marketers on your team are you screwed? It depends. If there is a culture of digital marketing and that Marketo is a central pillar of a Marketing organization, then there is hope. However, the old school marketer will take more time and need much more hand holding than newschool marketers.