We’re making 15 bold predictions for marketing and MOPs in 2024. We broke it up into themes:

Data + Platforms

1. DataOps will become an important role and an opportunity that MOps can raise their hand for. Data is the new gold rush.

2. We are going to see a shift from database marketing to data based marketing. There will be a decline in platform importance.

3. CDPs are going to increase in importance as a central/core data source.

4. Key platforms to watch include Snowflake, Braze, Iterable, Workato, and Syncari.


5. AI generated content is going to shift our perceptions from what is high quality today, versus tomorrow. Video and personalization will become commodities. It will be important to look ahead to innovations and not just follow.

6. Death by inbox. The cost to generate content will continue to drop and inboxes/feeds are going to be overwhelmed.

7. Unique content wins. Ok content will become noise. Creativity will be more important than ever to reach audiences.

AI Innovations

8. Mini AI Hype Cycles will mean that we go through a series of leadership fits and starts. Embrace the fact that “We don’t need this” will evolve to “Do we need this?” to “Why don’t we have this?”

9. AI agents will be able to execute sequences and tasks. Imagine a task takes 31 steps. Agents will be able to perform some of those tasks (with guidance) with new capabilities with vision/multimodal AI.

10. AI optimization (AIO) will rise in importance relative to SEO. Google search as we know it will decay. Generative search will provide users more value and utility than links and sponsored links.

11. Hallucinations in AI will decline. The key players will refine their models. New approaches like WOE (world of experts) and strategies like RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) will also boost efficiency/accuracy and gain interest in 2024.


12. Who is the Sheriff? When are they coming to town? The question of who takes leadership and governance over AI is expected to become increasingly prominent in 2024.

13. Artificial intelligence operations (AIOps) is likely to emerge as a role or function we will see develop in 2024. Marketing, sales, IT, Legal (and others) might all have a seat at the table.

14. Efficiency gain recognition will lag. Leadership will grapple with the question of how to best recognize/allocate/recalibrate with the extra time gained from AI-driven efficiencies.

15. ‘Doing more with less’ has been the slogan of 2023. We predict that in 2024, organizations will likely double down on strategies to enhance output and performance without proportionate increases in resources. Welcome to the year of ‘doing even more with even less.’

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