TLDR: Marketo helps you save time, increase efficiency, and grow revenue. Communicate these outcomes and the value of your CEO’s investment in Marketo—and your team—will be undeniable.



You’re great at your job. You’re working hard to demonstrate the value that marketing operations brings to your organization. Now you’re on the hook to explain the value of Marketo to your CEO. What do you do next?

That’s where the Tough Talks Made Easy series comes in; we’re here to arm you with everything you need to maximize your minutes with the C-suite and leave an impression along the way. That means you need to get out of the weeds, get away from the buzzwords, and focus your approach in a language the C-suite speaks on a daily basis: outcomes.



Your CEO needs to worry about the bottom line without being bogged down by the minutiae along the way. And when we talk about speaking in outcomes? We don’t mean increased clicks, better open rates, or the things that only get Marketers excited. The kinds of outcomes your CEO is interested in are positive impact to pipeline… improved lead conversion by stage… the ability to enable your existing Sales force and help them achieve quota. Outcomes that lead directly to increased revenue.

The value of Marketo speaks for itself—but it’s up to you to communicate the myriad of uses into outcome-focused conclusions.


OUTCOME 1: What does marketing automation do for us?

Marketing Automation allows you to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks to save time, increase efficiency, and grow revenue more quickly. (Pretty good outcomes!). Marketing Automation takes every aspect of your existing campaign management and marketing programs and allows you to run them ‘lights out,’ with real-time data on what’s working and what isn’t, and a comprehensive scoring system to strategize new leads as you get them.

Your CEO knows what Salesforce can do; Marketo is to Marketing what Salesforce is to Sales. It boosts pipeline while providing insight into the customer journey, allowing for more targeted, relevant communication as relationships progress.


OUTCOME 2: Enhances doesn’t replace talent

Marketing Automation isn’t about making humans obsolete—it’s about giving your talent the data and feedback they need in real time to flex their marketing muscles in the right direction and do what they do best.

Marketo isn’t some set-it-and-forget-it approach—far from it. Marketing Automation is only as effective as the marketers who implement it. Campaigns are at their best when the creativity of your talent is able to thrive. Marketo provides digital experiences that weren’t possible before, but to be successful marketing ops need the right support, funding and data to make it all work.


OUTCOME 3: Actionable Data

Marketo isn’t about creating a deluge of information—it’s about telling you precisely which strategies are working and which aren’t, so you can react accordingly. The insights delivered by Marketo are focused on efficiency, scalability, and ROI. Without Marketing Automation, you simply aren’t measuring these things effectively—if you’re measuring them at all. With Marketo, everything is tracked and displayed, providing a comprehensive analysis that allows you to compare every facet against others—and keep constant track of how much everything costs.


OUTCOME 4: Enhanced Relationships

Marketing Automation has been exploding for a reason. Amazon and Microsoft have made big investments in Marketo and the teams that run them. Buyers have the ability to google every option, consider every purchase, and compare every choice in spending. In order to make a sale, relationships need to be fostered, nurtured, and brought to fruition. This requires personal, targeted communications that don’t push for sales until the customer already feels confident in their decision to buy. That’s where Lead Scoring identifies the best incoming leads for your sales team.


OUTCOME 5: Sales and Marketing Sync

There isn’t a CEO who wouldn’t love to have their Marketing and Sales teams on the same page, working in the same direction. The real time, first-hand insight into customer behaviour and the ranking of leads means your Sales team will receive a comprehensive list of the ‘hottest’ leads the moment they come in. And once they’ve received the lead, they won’t only be armed with what they need to react immediately; they’ll know how to react in a relevant way.

Your Sales team will receive the same deep, actionable insights regarding which content has the most immediate, positive impact on conversion rates and closed sales—and they’ll receive instant notifications when it’s time to leap into action.

That means your Marketing team will be doing the same thing upstream that your Sales team is doing downstream… and that’s a harmonious tandem that spells success–and it’s the type of outcome that CEO’s dreams are made of.



Marketo helps you save time, increase efficiency, and grow revenue. It enhances your talent by arming them with actionable data and it deepens and nurtures relationships with your leads. It enables your Marketing and Sales teams to align with a shared strategy, working for the same goals, with the information they need to succeed.

Communicate these outcomes and the value of your CEO’s investment in Marketo—and your team—will be undeniable. And remember: if we can help prepare you in any way, let us know. That’s what we’re here for.


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