Gorgeous responsive email and landing page templates that are easy to use in Marketo, look great, and convert like crazy.

Revenue Pulse has created more custom email and landing page templates that anyone else in the world. We have created templates for some of the world’s most recognizable brands, like Panasonic, Nokia and Yahoo!.


In addition, we created so many of these custom templates that we created a product that creates these templates called Knak. Knak is now the most popular app in Marketo’s LaunchPoint community.


Revenue Pulse builds custom Marketo templates for clients that have strict brand guidelines and who are looking for bespoke templates. The process to build out a custom template is as follows:


  1. Revenue Pulse creates a design or works with client’s design
  2. Revenue Pulse gets approval on design from client
  3. Revenue Pulse develops asset, and creates it in client’s Marketo instance
  4. Revenue Pulse walks client through asset and explains how to use it


Questions to Ask the Agency Building Your Marketo Templates

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Looking to outsource the design/development of your Marketo templates? Here are some important things to keep in mind and questions you can ask your agency to make sure they have the skills you need.

Download our email template compatibility guide here.

Email Templates

Our email templates are all coded using the fluid hybrid method, which is a must if you want your emails to render properly on all email clients, including Gmail and Outlook.

Landing Page Templates

Our landing pages are all coded for Marketo’s guided editor, which allows for the most flexibility and consistency with design.

We’re the creators of Knak, the most popular Marketo LaunchPoint app used by almost 40% of Marketo’s customers.

We would be happy to chat about your custom Marketo email or landing page templates.