Create reports that produce actionable insights and beautiful dashboards that monitor Marketing’s contribution in real-time.

To truly transform Marketing into a revenue generating core of any business, it is essential that Marketing communicates with accurate and timely reports on results.


Revenue Pulse gets your Marketing department the recognition they deserve by setting up the ground work to get real-time reports out of Marketo Revenue Cycle Explorer and Salesforce on pipeline (both initiated and influenced), ROI on marketing programs and identification of your best programs.


We can also help you create beautiful dashboards to display in your office, so that everyone can see the results of all your hard work. Our team of experts have extensive experience integrating Marketo data into Tableau reports and combining it with other sources of data like Adobe Marketing Cloud.


Create Beautiful Marketing Dashboards Your Executive Will Love.

Marketo Summit Session + Slide Deck


Hear from Revenue Pulse founder and 4x Marketo Champion Pierce Ujjainwalla on how he transformed how 360pi reported on their Marketo and Salesforce Marketing metrics and created real-time dashboards to monitor marketing performance.

Clean, Accurate Data

Get Marketo and Salesforce setup to capture accurate data to populate your reports with meaningful insights.

Reliable Metrics that Matter

We help you set the strategy to get the metrics that matter, to the marketing team and the rest of the business.

Beautiful Dashboards

Display your accurate marketing data via dashboards in Marketo, Salesforce and other third party tools like Klipfolio.

“Revenue Pulse was integral to helping us determine both our top and under performing marketing campaigns in terms of engagement of qualified prospects and contribution to the opportunity pipeline. Armed with this visibility, we were able to optimize our return on marketing spend in terms of closed business.”


Alexander Rink, CEO, 360pi

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