“Revenue Pulse stepped in when we were struggling with another agency, and it was like a breathe of fresh air.”

Garth Case, Vice President IT, NBA

The NBA trusts Revenue Pulse to run mission critical global events with Marketo.

When the NBA first approached us, they were skeptical. And they had every right to be. Although they were referred to us through Marketo, they could not afford to make a mistake. If an email gets sent to the wrong person, it could mean the CEO of Nike or Adidas receives the wrong message. Not good.


So, they tested Revenue Pulse up against a few other Marketo service partners on a very complicated event program – their global games. Global games features 7 games around the world, to promote the NBA’s presence in markets outside of North America. They rely on Marketo to invite their VIP corporate sponsors to these global events.


In Marketo language, that translated into building a program that could support 14 variations of invitations and registration pages in four different languages. It needed dynamic content, advanced segmentations, and an interconnected program structure. We also build real-time dashboards that could be used to communicate invitation status and registration goals to the business, even the ones who didn’t use Marketo.


So, how did the bake-off go? Well, let’s just say, that according to the NBA ‘the other vendor fell flat on their face’, and Revenue Pulse has been working with the NBA ever since.

Company Profile


The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the pre-eminent men’s professional basketball league in North America, and is widely considered to be the premier men’s professional basketball league in the world.

Industry Sports & Entertainment

Annual Revenue $5.1B

Website nba.com

“At Revenue Pulse, we always love to push Marketo to its absolute limits,  and then some, and that is what was required to achieve the Global Games program that the NBA was looking for – it took an entire effort from everyone on our team, but it was an example of how we can get a new Marketo client, like the NBA, accelerated to the point where they are running world class programs in a very short period of time.”


Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder, Revenue Pulse