Hi Jo,

I’m new to Marketing Operations, and it feels like a wide open field. On a given day, I’m planning and budgeting for email campaigns, learning how new integrations work, and working with different teams on issues far and wide; Sales needs leads scoring, Marketing wants to know where to spend ads, and IT and Data Science need input on the processes for managing our systems and data.

It’s a lot. I appreciate the challenge and variation of my job, but that same nature makes it difficult to figure out if I’m in the right place, or how I might progress. How can I succeed in Marketing Operations? How do I know if I’m on a path with a bright future?

Unsure in Utah


Unsure in Utah, you’ve come to the right place. My journey to MOPs wasn’t planned; I became the “Marketo Man” for my team while working in demand gen, back before MOPs was a carved-out role. I got to grips with how the tool works, how to handle and maintain data, and how to run reports—but that didn’t quite prepare me for the real, full-time deal in MOPs. You’re at the crossroads of many different corners of the company; the good news is, you get to choose where you walk. Ask yourself: of all the things that I’m doing, what really excites me?

If it’s the tactical side of planning and analysing campaigns, Campaign Management might be for you.

Digital runs on a parallel track, but it takes similar skills with creativity and data; one if you’re equal parts art and science.

Here’s the beauty in MOPs: everything is a learning opportunity. You’re around lots of different people, the investments keep coming, and resources are up for grabs. There’s always a need for your skills, so if you take the reins and specialize, you’ll go far and fast at once.

Wherever you are right now, here are some positive signs that you’re in the right place in MOPs:

– You’re constantly being challenged—and you like it. You’ve got a problem-solving mindset, and you’re learning and growing from putting it to use.

– You’ve got access to senior figures, managing upwards and making your opinions heard. This is a tell that your company takes its investment in MOPs (and in you) seriously.

You’re passionate, or at least curious about, your industry and space, what you’re selling and who you’re selling to.

That’s quite a bit to think about, Unsure in Utah. For now, I’ll leave you with this: you are not an order-taker. You’re a strategist, you’re a doer, you’re an expert. That’s your future in MOPs.

You’ve got this,
Jo Pulse


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