“It was really important to pick a partner that we could trust – Revenue Pulse earned and kept that trust the entire time”

Brendan Farnand, Head of Global Marketing Operations, Trend Micro

“All these reports look great, but I don’t believe we’ll ever get the reports Marketo says we will…”

Like many clients, Trend Micro originally thought the Marketo reports were simply too good to be true, but for our team at Revenue Pulse, we were looking forward to the challenge.


Trend Micro is a 26 year old software company that has a history of innovation and growth in the security software industry. Headquartered in Tokyo, Trend Micro’s annual revenue is more than $1 billion, and the company’s 5,200 employees are based in 36 offices worldwide.


Before Trend Micro’s Marketo implementation, which was led and run by Revenue Pulse, their different global teams used just about every Marketing Automation tool out there. This made it challenging to get consolidated reports, collaborate across regions and benchmark performance.


“Having standardized on Marketo globally, we were able to modernize our marketing engine and it has allowed us to get much more sophisticated in the way we target prospects, customers and partners, and gain insight into what impact our marketing efforts are having on the business” stated Brendan Farnand, Head of Global Marketing Operations & Communications at Trend Micro.

Trend Micro’s Story

Company Profile



Trend Micro Inc. is a global security software company founded in Los Angeles, California with global headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, and regional headquarters in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The company develops security software for servers, cloud computing environments, and small business.

Industry Security Software

Annual Revenue $1.03B

Website trendmicro.com

“It was unbelievable to see how such a large global team like Trend’s was able to ramp, get everyone trained, change processes and just start executing programs. Within a year, they had hundreds of marketers using Marketo executing thousands of programs.

In the first year with Marketo alone, Revenue Pulse was able to help them generate 1,000+ new opportunities, over $20M in pipeline, and over $10M in closed won revenue.”


Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder, Revenue Pulse