“It didn’t take very long to realize that the folks at Revenue Pulse really knew what they were doing.”

Kristin Petrachuk, CRM Marketing Analyst, MD Financial Management

“If I had to do our Marketo implementation over again, the first thing I would do is hire Revenue Pulse”

Implementing Marketo at MD Management was a journey. It was a process that took several years and there were some bumpy starts to say the least. Throughout it all, the MD Management Marketing team remained focused on their goal, continued to forge forward where many would have quit, and eventually got a fully functional Marketo implementation successfully launched.


There were several points throughout their process where they almost decided to simply scrap the project, and it was at a critical decision point that they decided to bring in external help to get them going, which is when Revenue Pulse got involved.


“It actually got to the point about a year ago where the project was very closed to being shelved, at that point we realized that we had to look externally for some help with the implementation, and that was the point where we decided to go with Revenue Pulse”, said MD Management’s CRM Analyst, Kristin Petrachuk.
“I’ve worked with a lot of consulting firms and I feel like Revenue Pulse has been a lot more dedicated and spent a lot more time with all of our teams to help us make better decisions and get us all aligned”, shared Marketing Manager Claudia Munante.

MD Financial’s Story

Company Profile




MD Financial Management is an organization focused on creating value for Canada’s physicians. They offer integrated wealth management services to over 80,000 physicians in Canada.

Industry Financial Services

Assets Under Management $30 Billion

Website mdm.ca

“MD Management is live with their Marketo implementation and all their hard work is starting to pay off. We love working with passionate Marketers, who despite any obstacle, realize the value that Marketo can bring to their organization and don’t quit until the job is done. I’m proud that Revenue Pulse could play a role in MD Financial Management’s journey and leverage our experience to help them get across the finish line.”


Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder, Revenue Pulse