“Revenue Pulse helped us automate the entire journey that our
guests go through – and because of that we can communicate with them in ways
that would never have been possible before.”

Greg Porter, Owner/President, Great Canadian Heli-Skiing

Making skiers dreams come true.

It’s not everyday that you get to take a helicopter into a remote mountain range to ski the best-untouched powder in the world. But, it’s also not everyday that you work with a company that uses generators and satellite internet to run a world-class technology stack with Salesforce and Marketo.


Great Canadian Heli-Skiing (GCH for short) is a boutique heli-skiing operation located in beautiful and remote Golden, British Columbia. Owner and operator Greg Porter, a former competitive snowboarder, opened GCH 10 years ago after visiting the legendary Selkirk and Purcell mountain ranges on a snowboarding trip.


Greg has always been an innovator. His vision and intuition on the mountain could be overshadowed by his business sense and out-of-the-box thinking. Guests paying thousands of dollars a day expect an experience of a lifetime, and GCH consistently exceeds their expectations – partly due to the help of technology.


Revenue Pulse helped turn Greg’s vision into a reality, by implementing a fully automated lead lifecycle and corresponding nurture program. What does that mean? Well, whether a guest is thinking about booking a trip, is on-site for the first time, or is coming back to their lodge for the 50th time, Marketo is able to automatically detect that and send them tailored, personalized messages.


“We have a very personal relationship with each and every one of our guests, so this means if we’re going to automate part of that experience, the messages have to be the right ones for our guests” explains Owner and President Greg Porter.

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Great Canadian Heli-Skiing is a heliskiing operator that provides skiers and snowboarders access to the British Columbia backcountry. The operation is known throughout the industry as being the first operator to offer small groups and Unlimited Vertical on all trips.

Industry Hospitality & Adventure

Helicopters 2 A-Star B2

Website canadianheli-skiing.com

“Great Canadian Heli-Skiing has one of the most sophisticated end-to-end customer lifecycles we’ve ever implemented. It’s allowed us to provide unique messages, like dynamic countdowns showing how far away their first day of heli-skiing is, personalized images depending on if they’re a skier or snowboarder, or showing them how much vertical they’ve skied on their latest trip.”


Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder, Revenue Pulse