“The Revenue Pulse team is very knowledgeable and very helpful… we’d be lost without them.”

Carrie St Clair, Marketing Operations, Deluxe Corporation

“Deluxe chose to work with Revenue Pulse to get an extension of our internal team and fill knowledge gaps that we simply didn’t have”

When Revenue Pulse started working with Deluxe, they already had their entire Marketo instance setup. Deluxe had 5+ lead lifecycles, and a very customized Salesforce environment. The hundred year old company focused on helping small businesses also had very knowledgeable people on their team who had years of experience with Marketo. Deluxe had worked with several consultancies in the past, but they were looking for some fresh guidance.


Revenue Pulse acted as a sounding board for many of Deluxe’s questions. They had a pretty good idea of how they wanted to structure their instance and run their programs, but as opposed to trying things a certain way and then finding out the results, they used Revenue Pulse to provide first-hand experience that we had received from other clients. We would help them save time by giving them answers on how a strategic decision would play out.


“I really feel as though I can trust them. They’re not going to just upsell me on some service they have, they are really just making the best recommendation on what we need” explains Senior Manager of Marketing Operations, Susan Pawluk.
“I would tell someone who is looking at working with Revenue Pulse, not to wait. I know with us that it has helped us tremendously with our nurture campaigns, reporting, any questions that we have” comments Carrie St Clair, Senior Marketing Specialist from Deluxe Corporation.

Deluxe’s Story

Company Profile




Deluxe Corporation is one of the two largest check printers in the United States, and provides various personalized products and services to small businesses, financial institutions, and consumers.

Industry Financial Services

Revenue $1.52 Billion

Website deluxe.com

“I think our work with Deluxe shows that even for clients who already have their instance setup, and knowledgeable people on the team, there is always more that you can do with Marketo. Working with client’s like Deluxe pushes our team to become better consultants because of their deep knowledge and expertise. We have to stay up on all our Marketo skills to continue to add value to clients like Deluxe.”

Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder, Revenue Pulse