“Revenue Pulse has really brought us along, they’ve brought me along – I’ve had the best training in the world.”

Jacqueline Davis, Senior Manager, Global Demand Programs, Amdocs

“I have a tremendous amount of faith in the Revenue Pulse team and their skills and processes and I really rely on them to help us maintain our best-in-class marketing infrastructure.”

“We’ll need to do additional security testing.”


“Really? We’ve never heard of that before, even with many of our other very large clients”.


“Yes. We are really concerned about security. It has to happen.”


This is when we knew that Amdocs was going to be a little different than the rest. Despite Marketo going public and being used by many fortune 500 companies, the Amdocs security team needed to do their own checks to make sure the Marketo security was up to their standards – luckily it was.


Amdocs, who was previously using Eloqua, decided to migrate to Marketo after realizing that Marketo was simply the more innovative and cost-effective solution for their business moving forward.


“It was definitely a big decision for us. We did a thorough evaluation with all the Marketing Automation vendors, asked a million questions, had lots of demos and decided Marketo was the partner for us”, explains Jacqueline Davis of Amdocs.


Revenue Pulse led the global Amdocs Marketo implementation and training. Revenue Pulse worked closely with Amdocs to define their lead lifecycle, lead scoring models and setup the strategic architecture for their system. Revenue Pulse then trained their global marketing organization on how to effectively use the tool.


“We really wanted a team who had a lot of hands-on and strategic experience with Marketo, and people who have been there, done that. That’s why we selected Revenue Pulse to help with our global implementation. We knew that they’ve worked with other very large and complex organizations, and felt really comfortable with their skill set”, recalls Senior Manager of Global Demand Programs at Amdocs, Jacqueline Davis.

Amdocs’ Story

Company Profile




Amdocs is a software and services provider to more than 300 communications, media and entertainment service providers in more than 90 countries. Its products span business support systems (BSS), operational support systems (OSS), network control, optimization and network functions virtualization and others.

Industry Telecommunications/Software

Revenue $3.6B

Website amdocs.com

“Every single client has different requirements and challenges. Amdocs is very security conscious, which impacts the overall strategy of the implementation. It is really rewarding after a project like this which started out with many inconsistencies in different systems, to end up with a centralized system and standards where all Marketing campaigns can be run and measured.”

Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder, Revenue Pulse