Val Hamilton

Marketing Specialist

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Valerie holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing from Carleton University. After graduation, she spent three years with a marketing agency, where she created large campaigns for local and national brands.

Once she moved into the tech space, Val was introduced to Marketo, and she has spent the last five years learning the ins and outs of Marketo from the Revenue Pulse team and the Marketo Community.

Career Highlights

At her last organization, Valerie had the opportunity to create a new role, where she was able to build out her own strategy and implement new programs with the help of Marketo. She worked as the Customer Marketing Manager, helping educate the customer base and transform customers into product advocates.

Biggest Learning Moment

Val has had the opportunity to work with clients in a number of industries as both a private sector employee and a consultant. One of her biggest learning moments is ongoing: she loves to discover the different ways that clients utilize Marketo, and she’s passionate about leveraging Marketo to help clients reach their goals.

Passions Outside of Work

Valerie lives and breathes soccer. A former Team Ontario player, she received a scholarship to University and has traveled the world, playing against some of the top teams and learning from world-class coaches. These days, Val tries to play every week so she doesn’t lose her touch.

Notable Client Engagements