Shad Khan

Marketo Consultant


Based in Tualatin, Oregon


In his two decades of marketing experience, Shad has seen the ins and outs of marketing operations from both the client and consultant side. After leading the Marketo implementation at Serena Software (now called Micro Focus), he deepened his expertise in Marketo reporting and attribution at Comfy.

His years of client-side experience as a Marketo and CRM administrator at large enterprises have positioned Shad as one of the top Marketo practitioners in the world. He was also named one of Marketo’s Fearless 50 in 2018, a distinction awarded to inspiring marketers who push the envelope of marketing automation.

Career Defining Moment

Winning Marketo’s “Best SFDC Integration” at Dreamforce as a first-year Marketo customer stands out to Shad. As an operations manager in 2007, SFDC was the only reporting tool available to him, so he developed a model that involved passing custom campaign field data into SFDC to maximize SFDC’s reporting potential. He replicated this setup when he became a Marketo customer in 2010 and won “Best SFDC Integration” that same year.

Biggest Learning Moment

Shad lists his first Eloqua demo in 2006 as a career-defining moment. Marketo didn’t exist yet, and Shad was tasked with checking out Eloqua. The tracking capabilities we take for granted today blew him away, and even though he was a campaign manager, he sensed that Eloqua had the potential to revolutionize marketing and he wanted to be a part of it. He told his VP that he wanted to own all the “marketing technology stuff” and drop his campaign management responsibilities. The VP agreed, and that was the beginning of Shad’s marketing ops career.

Marketo Certified Expert
19Years of Marketing Experience
Fearless 50 Marketer 2018

Passions Outside of Work

Shad moved to Oregon almost 20 years ago for the outdoor activities. He is an avid backpacker, but when he needed something to fill the rainy season, he picked up bowling. Shad’s plan is to be a “sleeper” – get to scratch level without bowling in any tournaments and then take the PBA Seniors tour by surprise when he turns 50.

Notable Client Engagements