Pierre Hage

Chief Marketing Officer

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Pierre is passionate about helping businesses grow, and he gravitates towards opportunities where he can work alongside experienced leaders in exciting industries. In his 10+ years as a marketer, Pierre has learned firsthand what it takes to make an enterprise successful.

He’s an innovative, results-driven leader, known for a unique blend of strategic, creative, operational, and technical abilities, with a proven track record in lead generation for organizations of any size.

12+Years Marketing Experience

Biggest Learning Moment

Pierre keeps things simple: he’s learned that if you keep the focus on the customer’s success and take good care of your people, they’ll do the same for you.

Career Defining Moment

Pierre counts the people he’s worked with as a highlight, and he’s grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from and work alongside incredible people throughout his career.

Passions Outside Work

When he’s not working, Pierre can be found spending time with his family in their cottage, working outdoors, or developing his newly aquired woodworking skills.

Notable Engagements