Pierce Ujjainwalla



Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Pierce started his career in lead generation at Cognos, the world-leader in business intelligence at the time. Cognos also had the largest Salesforce and Eloqua instances in the world, and Pierce developed his skill in Marketing Automation from some of the best in the business.


After Cognos was acquired by IBM, Pierce joined two startups that both went on to have successful exits. At those companies, Pierce led teams that implemented Marketo.


Since then, Pierce has gone on to become a 4X Marketo champion and a frequent speaker at the annual Marketo Summit.

Pierce’s Marketo expertise led to the creation of Revenue Pulse, where until recently, he was the Principal consultant. He is also the founder of Knak, an enterprise email creation platform for Marketo users.


Currently, Pierce spends his time developing the Revenue Pulse team and scaling the business to continue providing world-class experience to RP’s clients. He lives in Ottawa, Canada with his wife and 2 kids.

Marketo Champion
14Years of Marketing Experience
2Marketing Companies Founded
100+Number of Engagements

Career Defining Moment

In 2012, Pierce received a LinkedIn request asking if he did freelance Marketo consulting. The resulting connection led to the formation of Revenue Pulse, and the rest is history.

Biggest Learning Moment

After speaking with CMOs at numerous billion-dollar organizations, Pierce realized that no one individual has all the answers. Everyone is working their hardest with the shared goal of bringing success to their organization.

Career Highlights

  • Completed the first-ever Marketo implementation at Microsoft
  • Became one of the very first Marketo champions
  • Built Revenue Pulse solely on the basis of customer referrals – no marketing needed
  • Created Knak, which has been used to build more than 20,000 Marketo templates
  • Helped assemble and develop an all-star team at Revenue Pulse

Passions Outside Work

Pierce loves to ski and once spent a year abroad in Innsbruck, Austria, where he skied and went to school in his spare time. He (mostly) retired his golf clubs when he became a dad, but he still plays hockey (because he’s Canadian and therefore not given much of a choice). He’s increasingly embracing his inner-dad and becoming a lawn-care nut, but his main focus outside of work is spending time with his two amazing kids.

Notable Client Engagements