Kevin Weisenberger


Based in Scottsdale, AZ


After being an EMT in Chicago Kevin started his career at a startup marketing company supporting small to medium businesses. His first experience with Marketo was in supporting a large scale sales operation and witnessing the power of marketing automation. He moved on to join DaVita’s digital marketing team to run their operations team and leading multiple global marketing automation systems and technology roadmaps. Kevin was so successful in his work that he was awarded the Marketo Champion award in 2019.

Kevin’s most impactful learning moment came from his experience building a team around the practice of managing multiple marketing automation instances across various global platforms.

5+ Years Marketing Experience 
2019Marketo Champion

Career Defining Moment

Kevin was named a 2019 Marketo Champion and is proud to have been recognized as part of a Leading Marketing Operations team at Fortune 150 company.

Passions Outside of Work

Kevin spends his free time outdoors. He loves to be out on the water, hike with his dog, explore new restaurants, and try his hand at woodworking.