Jonathan Taylor

SEO & Marketo Consultant

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Jon got his start in digital marketing as employee #8 at a fast-growing start-up. As the sole marketer, Jon acquired SEO, automation, and digital ad skills through a mixture of curiosity and necessity while he learned the value of execution and initiative.

“Growth” is Jon’s personal mantra, and he firmly believes that personal and professional growth leads to business growth.

Marketo Certified Expert
Expert in Search Engine Optimization
Google Analytics

Career Defining Moment

To date, Jon’s career highlight is being a part of the stellar growth of a startup and helping them develop a winning digital marketing strategy and build their digital marketing team. He’s especially proud to have helped grow their website traffic from 3,000/month to more than 300,000 per month.

Biggest Learning Moment

Jon has a tremendous appreciation for the value of personal and professional mentorship. He is grateful to have been blessed with some of the top professional mentors throughout his career and feels he wouldn’t be the marketer he is without their frank and compassionate guidance.

Passions Outside of Work

Jon has three big passions: running, writing, and learning. He can often be found hitting the trails to train for a race or spending time with his mentor.

Notable Client Engagements