Arlen Panchoo

Customer Success Manager

Based in Toronto, ON


Arlen has nearly a decade of customer success experience, having served organizations ranging in size from SMBs to Enterprises. Prior to joining Revenue Pulse, Arlen led customer success for a top live event engagement platform based in Toronto. He also has a great deal of experience in professional service environments.

In his previous role, Arlen got to help grow the organization from the ground up and was able to establish deep, long standing relationships with customers.

Biggest Learning Moment

There are rarely one-size-fits-all solutions, but a lot can be learned by seeing what other organizations have done and applying innovative solutions that fit specific needs.

Passions Outside of Work

Arlen stays active by playing soccer a couple times a week, swimming as part of a club, and participating in the most important sport of all – pub trivia. He also likes checking out new restaurants and takes any opportunity to visit New York City and Austin Texas.