Fredric Pinchon

Reporting & Analytics Consultant

Based in Sacramento, California


Frederic is an expert in Business Intelligence, Marketing and Sales integration, and enterprise solutions with more than a decade of experience in business analytics. Prior to joining the Revenue Pulse team, he worked client-side at Alteryx as Director of Business Operations where he was responsible for providing agile analytics across various lines of business and served as a trusted advisor to the CMO.

Frederic currently works with Revenue Pulse’s clients to implement advance attribution models and derive deeper insight into sales and marketing activities.

Tableau Certified since V8

Career Defining Moment

Fredric was the first on the market to master the extraction of Marketo activities using the then-new Bulk API.

Biggest Learning Moment

Frederic’s biggest learning moment came in 2014 when he was building digital marketing dashboards from scratch. This included datasets from Marketo, which required him to learn the Marketo APIs, inside and out.

Passions Outside Work

Frederic is an avid diver. He loves to travel and discover exotic seas.

Notable Client Engagements