Emalie Tavares

Finance Manager

Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Emalie has been Revenue Pulse’s Finance Manager since it was founded. Prior to working at Revenue Pulse, she was an administrative assistant at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. Managing a department’s finances and administrative needs at one of Canada’s busiest children’s hospitals for close to a decade has given Emalie the ability to think on her feet and keep things running smoothly for both staff and clients. In addition to working at Revenue Pulse, Emalie is also the Finance Manager at Knak.

Career Highlights

Being part of the team since day one and watching it grow to what it has become today.

Biggest Learning Moment

Discovering all of the ways that Salesforce could simplify her daily work was a game changer for Emalie.

Passions Outside of Work

When she’s not working, Emalie loves traveling and exploring the world as well as spending summer days by the pool with her family.