Anita Singh

Marketo Consultant

Based in Norwood, MA


Anita was born and raised in Massachusetts. Her formal education is in English and Creative Writing, but she has devoted her career to marketing technology with an emphasis in marketing automation. Her background in creative thinking gives her an out-of-the-box approach to problem-solving along with the ability to scope clients’ projects at a high level.

Her unique skill set allows her to effectively help clients reach their marketing goals, and her years on the client-side give her in-depth understanding of the challenges her clients face. Anita has worked with many SMB, large and enterprise organizations, including several within the Tech sector.

4xMarketo Certified Expert
12+ years Marketo experience

Career Defining Moment

Anita has completed multiple Marketo migrations. She’s also worked extensively on Marketo and Salesforce integrations and successfully led a team in creating a lead flow and lifecycle between Marketo and Salesforce from Suspect to Opp-Won.

Passions Outside of Work

Anita has a degree in English, so it stands to reason that she loves a good book. She also loves to cook and spend time with her daughter, and she’s not afraid to belt out some tunes at Karaoke night.