Andy Caron

Senior Marketo Consultant

Based in Hobart, Indiana


Andy is a marketing technologist with experience spanning B2B start-ups and global enterprise. She’s passionate about the MarTech ecosystem and attribution, and she lists Marketo as her “happy place.”

Andy is dedicated to coaching future marketers, and she’s proud to be a Revenue Pulse consultant by day and the leader of the Chicago Marketo User group by night. In 2018, Andy was named one of Marketo’s Fearless 50 marketers.

10+Years Marketing Experience
Marketo Fearless 50 Marketer 2018

Career Defining Moment

Andy is proud to have been named to the inaugural Marketo Fearless 50 class in 2018.

Biggest Learning Moment

In 2010, Andy was hire number 12 at a start-up. She quickly discovered that there was no infrastructure to support sales or marketing, so she decided to buckle down and build one herself. She built the infrastructure from the ground up, and the experience proved to be invaluable to her career.

Passions Outside Work

Andy loves to hang out with her husband Brian, son Charlie, and pets, Tesla and Jabba the Pugg. She also likes to experiment with French cooking, grow her own food, and explore the art of homesteading.

Notable Client Engagements