The New RP Explores the Frontiers of Marketing and Sales Operations

The New RP Explores the Frontiers of Marketing and Sales Operations

Revenue Pulse (RP), one of the world’s premier marketing and sales operations agencies, is pleased to share our new brand identity with our clients, community, partners and employees.

RP sets the standard for quality customer service with an NPS exceeding 80 for the past two years.  With a unique mix of sales and marketing ops, RP delivers excellence with its seasoned, knowledgeable, employees, that are proud of the work they do.

“Our new brand identity conveys both our strength in the market and our commitment to customer service excellence,” said Joseph Peters, CEO of RP. “The new RP website presents the broad horizon of opportunity in MOPs and SalesOps, and RP is uniquely positioned to bring our clients and employees on this journey of shared success.”

RP has a global footprint with a core team in North America and a large presence in EMEA and APAC. Our clients have demanded support around the world and our new website is an invitation to explore the opportunities that combined sales and marketing operations provide. RP is that unicorn consultancy that clients love to work with and a place where employees love to work.

The distinct style of the new RP site is built on the passion and genius of the RP marketing team.  “The new RP is a visual story that brings new audiences on journey of exploration within the challenging marketing and sales operations environment,” said Andy Caron, VP of Consulting. “Everyone can see themselves in our hero the astronaut, and the unicorn represents the unique challenges that every business must face and overcome.”

The RP team is excited by the possibilities of the future.  Clients and future clients alike can count on further innovations and high-value content in the weeks and months to come.