The Revenue Pulse Summer Internship: Our Contribution to the Future of MOps.

The Revenue Pulse Summer Internship: Our Contribution to the Future of MOps.
Written by Joe Peters

The last 16 months have been tough on everyone.  That goes without saying.  However, it has been particularly tough on young people.  College and highschool students have spent some of their formative years in masks and isolation, instead of experiencing the socialization that we all took for granted.

We wanted to make a little contribution to those looking for opportunities to learn, to grow and to evaluate career opportunities.  Last week we started our summer internship program with 5 women from the Americas, EMEA, and Asia Pacific.  These are all regions we have the privilege of providing client service in.

This is the brainchild of our VP of Consulting, Andy Caron.  She has been instrumental in developing this program.  What originally started as an idea for 2 or 3 interns, quickly became 4.  Then on one last Zoom planning meeting, the pitch came for a fifth.

The six-week internship program provides a multi-dimensional look at marketing automation within the context of a professional services organization.  All functions of Revenue Pulse play a role in teaching and coaching.  Interns not only learn about marketing operations, but get to see the connection to revenue operations with sales, customer success, and marketing in general.

The goal is for each intern to get a sense of the world of marketing operations with an objective to pass their MCA certification at the end of the program.  So it’s not all fun and games, unless you count the global trivia challenge they had to compete last week with the team!

A warm welcome to Kaylee, Anjali, Ava, Talia, and Zahra. We’re so happy to have you join us this summer.  Soak up all that you can – you have a great team to learn from.

I almost forgot one thing.  Nav Chohan had a special MOps emoji made for our new team members.  Here is the special intern emoji for all to use on Slack: