6 Things To Know About Digital Rewards and Marketo

6 Things To Know About Digital Rewards and Marketo

It can be tough to build traction with your audiences with your Marketo campaigns.  Getting new audiences into your funnel (or waterfall) to become MQLs or SQLs is the goal.  Sometimes you need a little boost to engage with audiences that matter.  Rybbon can make a difference through its digital rewards platform.

Full disclosure, Revenue Pulse is an agency partner with Rybbon.  We don’t enter into these types of relationships lightly. We’re partners because Rybbon makes a difference in our clients’ work.  We like it when outcomes exceed expectations.

So, here are 6 things to consider around why integrating Rybbon into your Marketo campaigns makes sense.

1 – Attract Your Audience

We all know that breaking through the noise is harder than ever.  If it takes a $10 or $25 digital reward to capture someone’s attention, then maybe it’s worth it.  If you know getting someone to your webinar is the key to success, then get them there.  The math works out in the end.  Digital rewards can give you a 70% boost.

2 – Marketo Integration – Really.

Rybbon integrates with Marketo in a couple of different ways. You can use smart campaigns to send batch gift emails to webinar or event attendees and survey respondents.  You could also use “Triggers” to send reward emails automatically – on data value change, status change, thank you for a sales call, etc. Regardless of the approach you use, Rybbon adds the lead activity in Marketo when recipients claim their digital gift.  At that point you can trigger follow-up emails, add additional scoring, or notify sales.

3-Flexibility of Interest

A digital reward doesn’t need to be an Amazon gift card, while it definitely can be.  It can be a charitable contribution to worthy organizations like Habitat for Humanity.  There are different ways to appeal to your audiences, and it doesn’t always need to be money in their pockets.  The good news is that Rybbon allows your customers to choose from a curated list of rewards to ensure they get exactly what they want.

4-COVID Friendly

We’re all missing travel, and lunch meetings, and trade shows.  We miss being out there and connecting with our customers in-person.  We’ve all adjusted our tactics.  Digital makes more sense than ever.  Reward programs have also adjusted to include COVID friendly incentives like Doordash, Hulu, or Xbox.

5-Global Engagement

Your customers may not all be in North America. Digital reward programs are global and are adjusted to different markets.  This ensures there is flexibility to engage with your customers and not have to worry about incentives working in one market or another.  There is blanket coverage around the world.

6-Controls and Control

You have control.  You set the budget and it will not exceed that.  You want brand control?  You have that too.  One of the other things with digital rewards is that if they are not redeemed, the funds go back into your account.  Rybbon has a 100% refund policy on unclaimed rewards.


There’s lots to think about.  Engagement opportunities are at your fingertips.  We’re ready to chat when you are.