Congratulations to Our Newest Marketo Champion

Congratulations to our very own Andy Caron, who was recently named a 2020 Marketo Champion. 

Since 2013, Revenue Pulse has had team members included in the small list of Marketo Champions, and we’re proud to have a fifth Champion on our roster. This distinction is a confirmation of what we already know: that our team is built around some of the very best Marketo talent in the world. 

Andy has more than a decade of marketing experience, and she was also named to Marketo’s inaugural Fearless 50 class last year. She is the leader of the Chicago Marketo Users Group (ChiMUG) and has been widely recognized for building Marketo’s presence in Chicago. 

Her connection with Marketo began in 2012, when the startup she was working with upgraded to Marketo Engage. She took on the tool not knowing what it would mean for her career, but she proceeded to leverage her knowledge of the platform into several high-level marketing roles. 

Over time, she was handed new challenges, but Andy used the difficulties she encountered to move from being a practitioner to being a leader and a mentor to those she worked with. Throughout her career, she’s remained focused on the idea of marketing fearlessly. 

“Fearlessness, whether it’s in life or in marketing, is not a lack of fear,” Andy says. “It’s having confidence in your skills and your value. Your accumulated knowledge is one of your greatest assets, and knowing how to leverage that is the first step towards living fearlessly.

“Leadership hasn’t looked like what I thought it would look like, but as I’ve worked with other leaders in the Marketo community, I’ve discovered that leadership is using your strength to empower others to be better. Marketo is my happy place, and I’m committed to training and mentoring the next generation of marketers.”  

Our consultants have spent years honing their craft, and they bring tremendous experience to the Revenue Pulse team. We’re thrilled for Andy to have received this honor, and we know she will continue to do great things with our clients. 

Andy will be presenting at Adobe Summit 2020 in Las Vegas this year. Register for her sessions here, and get a preview of the content in her recent post, When Failed Marketing Experiments Become Your Greatest Treasures.