How We Outscored Customer Service Leaders like the Ritz Carlton and Costco in this Critical Metric.

Every year, Revenue Pulse conducts a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey. It’s just one question, and it’s used by us and others in the business world to get a read on how likely our customers are to refer us to their colleagues. You can read more about it here, but just like the survey itself, the results are easy to understand: the higher the score, the happier your customers are.

These are the NPS scores of some of the highest rated (and arguably, most beloved) brands in North America according to 2018 Benchmarks presented by NICE and Sametrix:

Costco: 79
Ritz Carlton: 75
Apple: 63

Revenue Pulse’s score? 84

I’m so proud of our team for achieving such an outstanding score. We’re very intentional about customer service, and as far as clients go, we’ve got the best of the best, so we’re glad to know the feeling is mutual. Here’s a look at how we made this happen and how it’s been part of our plan all along.

The Secret is in the Sauce

We work all day, every day to make sure our clients receive unprecedented support, but this result doesn’t come strictly from customer service. We’ve got a few secret ingredients that I think we can credit for our score.


First, we are a team of people who have spent many, many years honing our Marketing Technology skills. We try to be the best at the specific disciplines within Marketing Technology, and our dedication to learning gives us the expertise to exceed expectations when our customers bring us their most challenging problems.

Boots-on-the-Ground Experience

We know first-hand what it feels like when something goes haywire in your Marketo instance on a Friday afternoon. Our team is not made up of career consultants who can tell you what the manuals say but lack first-hand experience. They’ve all worked on the client side, and they bring a client-first approach to each engagement.

Personal Connection

Previously, as a subcontractor for another agency, I went to an onsite with a client. As I spoke with them, I realized that the agency had no rapport with the client: their interaction was strictly business.

At Revenue Pulse, we pursue the balance between getting things done and building personal relationships (with some fun thrown in for good measure). In fact, many of our consultants like to describe their role as half consultant, half therapist (and some clients need more therapy than others… you know who you are…).


Our team is incentivized to:

  • Put the clients first
  • Go the extra mile to do so

Because our incentives are aligned with client success, we’re naturally driven to pursue an extremely high level of customer satisfaction.


We search for people who love what they do. Our passion wears off on our customers and re-energizes them, and it’s like a beautiful Marketing Technology circle of life.

In it to Win it

I think that one of the reasons we were able to achieve this score is that it’s a major internal focus for us as a company. It’s not an afterthought or a byproduct of something more important: it’s the barometer for how we’re doing as an organization. We track the score year after year, and we use the results to inform our internal goal-setting.

We’re also not trying to be the biggest. Although our team has grown quite a bit this year, the small, boutique feel that Revenue Pulse has is carefully nurtured. I like to think of it as the difference between dealing with your local hardware store and a big box store. If you have a problem or a concern, you can call the local store, ask your question, and get a knowledgeable response in a reasonable amount of time. Try the big box store, though, and you’ll have to navigate their 1-800 system, wait on hold, and hope that whoever answers the phone knows what they’re talking about.

We want to keep that local store feel. We want to make sure that our clients can reach us quickly, get the expertise they need, and see the business results they’re looking for.

Next, Please

We’re considering this year’s NPS score to be a success for the RP team, but we’re not going to get complacent. We won’t be kicking our feet up and printing a bunch of t-shirts that say “84.” We’re going to head into the new year with our signature focus on our customers, treating every interaction as one that will play into our hard-earned score for 2019.

Let me close by extending a heartfelt “thank you” to our clients. We feel so fortunate to work alongside our customers. The role they play in our success and our continued drive to succeed can’t be overstated. Cheers to each one of you!