Welcoming Valerie Hamilton to the Team

“I’m really excited to have Val on the team. She is passionate about Marketing and really gets Marketo and how it all works together. Val is super smart, has a friendly and funny personality, and is someone who just gets stuff done with a high level of quality. She is a great culture fit for Revenue Pulse, and I know our clients will enjoy working with her.” – Pierce Ujjainwalla, Founder & CEO, Revenue Pulse

When we add a new team member, we’re looking for the best in the business: the perfect combination of expertise and intuition. We’ve found that in Valerie Hamilton, Marketing Specialist, and we’re thrilled to welcome her to the Revenue Pulse team.

Val comes to RP after spending 3 years creating large campaigns for local and national brands at Simple Story Video and Cyan Solutions. Once she moved into the tech space, Val served as Customer Marketing Manager at Klipfolio, where she owned webinar creation and monthly newsletter deployment, and built and deployed their NPS program in Marketo from scratch. She spent five years learning the ins and outs of Marketo – from RP’s very own experts, no less – and she joins us now with an extremely versatile skill set.

We knew Val would be a great fit for Revenue Pulse because she has a firsthand understanding of how beneficial it is for our clients to have a team of experts in their corner. And since she’s worked with us as both a client and a team member, she brings a unique insider’s perspective that will help our customers leverage all Marketo and Revenue Pulse have to offer.

“I was beyond ecstatic to join the Revenue Pulse team. Having worked with them as a client, I knew I was joining a world-class team, but these past few months have completely exceeded my expectations. This is not only the most talented team I’ve had the opportunity to work with, but it’s also one of the most supportive. Everyone here is eager to learn and share their experiences, bringing our expertise to the next level.” – Val Hamilton

As Marketing Specialist, Val will be working with our top clients to provide a wide variety of Marketo support. She’ll be assisting with program and landing page creation, lead management, form updates, and newsletter creation, and we are confident that she will continue the Revenue Pulse tradition of offering our clients the very best service and insight.