Welcoming Kelly Rigole to the Team

Please join us in welcoming Kelly Rigole to the Revenue Pulse team! Kelly joins Revenue Pulse as an Executive Assistant, she will help ensure that the team is making the most of their busy schedules. Kelly will be responsible for making sure all the trains are running on time and ensuring everyone on the team is able to focus on delivering the best possible service to our clients.

We’re excited to work with Kelly to build upon Revenue Pulse’s already healthy work culture. As with many fully remote teams, Revenue Pulse strives to excel at employee engagement with a geographically diverse team.

Kelly joins us from TalentMap, an Ottawa startup that focuses on employee engagement. Her experience as an entrepreneur, event planner, and marketer will be very valuable in her new role with Revenue Pulse.


“Working with the Revenue Pulse team is a daily dose of indispensable experiences. I can’t wait to assist with internal company events, helping to build a corporate culture and strengthen our team communication. I’ll also be assisting Pierce and the Revenue Pulse team with administration such as scheduling and deliverables so that they can spend more time doing what they do best, consulting with our wonderful clients.” – Kelly Rigole


Please extend a warm welcome to Kelly!