Welcoming Jon Taylor to the Team

My story begins at a startup in Ottawa, Canada called Klipfolio. When I first walked in the doors the marketing department was in its infancy, aka, I was the sole marketer. We were bootstrapped and our lead dashboard showed a target of 150 or so (which we hadn’t yet hit).

Fast forward 7 years, and Klipfolio’s growth is one of the headlines of the Ottawa tech scene. Klipfolio has seen three successful rounds of funding, and now boasts one of Ottawa’s most talented marketing teams. By the way, the lead dashboard has targets in the thousands, and, yes, those targets are consistently met and exceeded.

Like many of you, I was lost in the middle of a Marketo deployment when I was first introduced to Pierce and the Revenue Pulse team. In my defence, I was figuring things out on my own, but not at the rate that satisfied my CEO.

Fair enough.

Revenue Pulse did for me what I suspect they do for many clients: they saved the day.

More than that, the team took every step they could to help us be successful with Marketo. From day one it was clear to me that Revenue Pulse was a premiere consultancy that puts the customer first. It was evident in everything they did including giving me the training I needed to expertly manage Klipfolio’s Marketo instance.

When the opportunity to the join the team presented itself just before Marketo Summit, I immediately said yes. I know I am joining a world-class team that boasts the world’s most talented Marketo consultants. I also know I’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with some of the world’s top organizations.

Here’s a bit about my digital marketing chops:

Marketo expertise
I’ve managed a Marketo instance for the past 4 years and have consistently grown the database by 150-250% per year. That type of growth necessitates a finely-tuned system with strong data management practices and program development. If I had to rest my hat on one speciality, it’d be SaaS trial nurtures, particularly those that require multiple channels such as email, in-app messaging, and advertising.

Serious SEO chops
SEO is my first love in digital marketing. In my role at Klipfolio I led our SEO strategy, and was able to grow the website from 3,000 monthly visits to more than 300,000. I have expertise managing technical SEO projects, developing content roadmaps that achieve results, and leveraging advanced search features like featured snippets to get real growth.

A bit of this, a bit of that
Being born and raised in a startup (so to speak), I learned the value of being fearless. I’m comfortable outside of my comfort zone. It’s how I’ve found myself leading teams with a 6-figure Facebook Ads budget,or how I’ve challenged myself to level up my digital marketing analytics skill set.

I’m excited to join the team, and ready to start contributing.

Put me in coach!

Jon Taylor
Marketo & SEO Consultant