Welcoming Shad Khan to the Revenue Pulse team.

We are lucky to get to work with some amazing clients and meet a lot of great marketers along the way. Shad Khan was a client of ours when we were working with Serena Software (now known as Micro Focus, after their recent $540M acquisition).

Almost immediately, I knew that Shad had a special talent when it came to Marketo. As he walked us through his instance that he had been managing since the company initially purchased Marketo, I could see that Shad cared deeply about their instance and was a master of his craft.

We helped Serena build one of the best and most sophisticated preference centres out there, and Shad was an integral part of the project and made everything run smoothly. He also is one of the few people in the world who was client-side on a Marketo<>Microsoft Dynamics implementation and has the experience (and scars) to prove it.

One thing that really stood out to me about Shad is when he left Serena. He didn’t just give the usual 2 weeks and casually move on to his next job. He spent countless hours documenting the entire Marketo instance and training the new people to make sure that it would be a smooth transition. This is when I knew that if we could someday get Shad on the Revenue Pulse team, that I wouldn’t hesitate to make it happen. He truly cared about the instance he had built.

Fast forward and Shad had moved on from Serena and was using his skills at Comfy, a Bay area startup that is changing the way individuals can control their workplaces to suit themselves. Shad lead and implemented Marketo once again on the client-side where he got really deep into Marketo reporting and attribution. As he described their new attribution model, I could sense Shad’s passion for what he had accomplished, and understand the huge value that this must have brought their organization to understand how they could make smarter marketing investments.

The goal at Revenue Pulse is not to grow into the largest Marketo consultancy out there. Our mission remains to be the premiere Marketo consultancy in the world. Shad once again embodies who we are as a consultancy. He has years of client-side experience at large enterprise organizations. He has led a Marketo instance on several occasions as the Marketo and CRM administrator. He truly cares about his work, and is in the top 1% of Marketo practitioners in the world.

I know Shad is going to be an amazing talent on the Revenue Pulse team. I am excited for us and even more for our clients, where I know Shad will add a lot of value and become a key partner in their missions to improve their Marketing through Marketo.