Marketo Champion Lauren Aquilino Joins Revenue Pulse Team

We’re extremely excited to announce the addition of Revenue Pulse’s newest Marketo Consultant, Lauren Aquilino. Lauren has nearly 10 years’ experience setting world-class demand generation and lead management strategies.

She most recently comes from GE, where she led a marketing operations team and drove the acquisition and nurture content strategy. She was previously at Hyland Software, where she managed lead generation programs. Lauren is a Marketo Champion, Marketo Certified Expert and Marketo Revvie finalist.

Revenue Pulse is proud to have the best Marketo consultants in the world. We choose Marketo experts who have years of real-life experience owning a Marketo instance on the client-side at an Enterprise organization. They’ve already walked a mile in our clients’ shoes. Lauren brings a wealth of experience from her time spent at GE and Hyland.

She’ll bring a ton of value to our clients to help them drive more revenue through Marketo. With this new addition, Revenue Pulse now has 3 Marketo champions on the ever-growing team of best-in-class Marketo consultants.

“I’m really excited to add Lauren to our rapidly growing team,” adds Revenue Pulse founder and 4x Marketo champion, Pierce Ujjainwalla. “Lauren is the perfect fit for Revenue Pulse and our clients. She has a ton of client-side experience at GE, and is really well rounded between Marketo and demand generation.”

“She was just named a Marketo champion as well – so clearly Marketo also sees what we saw,” added Pierce. “It’s great to grow the Revenue Pulse team, and to be able to provide even better and more proactive services to our clients”.

Check out Lauren’s top 3 ways to make day-to-day marketing operations management a bit easier:

  1. Become besties with the sales ops team
    Let’s face it. They need you (even if they don’t know it!) and you need them. Especially if you don’t have advanced privileges to your CRM system. Go to lunch with them. Next week. It’s important.
  2. Act like IT
    Marketing operations teams end up managing a lot of different types of projects – from data management to program build-outs. Adopting an agile marketing methodology can help to keep things organized. Something as simple as a quick daily Slack meet-up with a ‘Working-Done-Roadblocks’ update (Scrum-style) can bring team members together and move projects along.
  3. Get a health check
    Sometimes when you spend so much time in your Marketo system, you can’t see the forest for the trees. Having an outsider take a look at the health of your instance allows you to get feedback on the tactical setup – but also gain objective insight on things like the state of your content strategy or approach to reporting.