Make 2015 The Year You Go Responsive

We’ve all been there. We’re on our phone or tablet trying to access a page, and we become just livid because it is not optimized for our device. It’s a frustrating experience. It’s one where you are probably not converting on whatever call-to-action there is.

As Marketers we are constantly trying to improve the experience for our prospects/customers. Yet, even though over half of our emails are being opened on mobile devices, there are still a lot of Marketo customers out there who do not have responsive templates for emails (let alone landing pages).

Well, as you are making your list of New Year’s resolutions (I know it’s everyone’s favorite thing to do), why not put responsive email and landing pages on your list? It is probably the single biggest improvement you can make to your Marketing in the least amount of time. If it can look better for half of your audience, you will surely get more conversions and the investment will pay-off in no-time flat.

Here are some handy resources to help you get started:

  • Litmus: this is an amazing tool to test your emails across the different email clients. They also have great resources on email marketing best practices and cutting edge design.
  • Marketo: our friends at Marketo have made a bunch of responsive design templates available, for both emails and landing pages. All you need to do is import them into your environment. If you have coding experience, you can customize them for your brand.
  • Revenue Pulse: [insert shamless plug here]. We have been helping lots of clients with responsive email and landing pages. We can help you from design all the way through to coding and implementation. We believe we create the BEST responsive templates around, and would love to help you with your project.


Some questions to ask your responsive design vendor:

  • Do you code using media queries?
  • Are you testing across all email clients?
  • Do I need to do anything special in Marketo to edit these templates?
  • Have you coded specifically for Marketo before? (there are quite a few unique requirements)
  • Will I be able to use my WYSIWYG editors like I used to?
  • Do I need to know how to code in order to replicate what you’ve done?

Hopefully this helps you. Are your templates still stuck in 1995? Have you been able to successfully create responsive templates for Marketo? Let us know in the comments below!