Epic Marketing Win: Uber Is Not Just a Weird German Word.

I was recently down in Chicago for Shop.org, one of the largest eCommerce tradeshows in the world. This is where retailers go to try and discover the next wave of retail technology that will hopefully save them from complete Amazon domination. Being a huge Blackhawks fan, I was pretty excited to go down and see all that the windy city had to offer.

A couple days before the event I got an email from the conference organizers. Having received lots of important emails from them before, I recognized the sender display name and the subject line caught my eye ‘$20 off Uber ride in Chicago’. I was liking where this was going.

uberFor those of you who don’t know, think of Uber as your own concierge for taxis and black cars. Using your Smartphone, you can quickly and easily ‘call’ (although you don’t need to call at all, simply set your location on the map on your phone) a cab or black car and then watch your car drive towards you with a nice ETA on the screen. Not only do you become telepathic as to when your car will arrive, but you don’t need to remember your cash or fumble around punching in your credit card information when you arrive at your destination. Simply put – it is awesome, which I would soon find out.

Back inside the email, there was one clear call-to-action: download the app. They also had a nice incentive that with the Shop.org promotion code you would get $20 off your first ride. Sweet – I had some extra time while waiting to board my flight in Ottawa, set the whole thing up and forgot about it.

Once at McCormick Place for the tradeshow, I was shooting some customer testimonial videos and realized I would need a car to transport the customer and the executive interviewer to the shoot location. Thankfully, I had my Uber app and there was a Lincoln towncar there in minutes to save the day. Everything worked so smoothly and when I received my first bill via email, the $20 had already been deducted from the total.

When everything comes together in a marketing campaign like this, it is what I call a marketing win. Let’s break down the ingredients that made this such a potent mix:

    1. Target the right people
      Uber was obviously very smart by partnering with Shop.org for this promotion. They knew that a ton of people would be coming into the city from out-of-town, and undoubtedly require transportation while they were there.


    1. Develop trust amongst your prospects
      Building confidence in that sender display name is what gets lots of prospects to open up your emails. Although I am typically more of a fan of personalized sender display names, when there is a company or organization that you know you can trust, you will get good open rates.


    1. Write a catchy subject line
      Your prospects want to know what’s in it for them. With so much competition in the inbox these days, you have to stand out. Offering your prospects something of value will go a long way.


    1. Single call-to-action
      Nothing new here, yet I still run into so many clients who want to tell the prospect everything in that first email. Less is more when it comes to your calls to action, and make sure there are multiple ways for the prospect to get where you want them to go.


    1. Easy conversion process
      Once you actually get your prospect to your landing page (or in this case your app) make it as quick and easy as possible for them to ‘convert’.


    1. The ability to track and report on success
      By using the Shoporg13 promo code, Uber is able to see all of the prospects that have come through via this promotion, and decide if the ROI was worth it for this investment.


    1. A good product/service to back it all up
      The best marketing in the world is not going to mean squat unless you can actually impress them with what you are offering. This was a great example of where the product backed up the good marketing.


I’d love to hear about your marketing wins, please share them in the comments below!