4 Tips to Boost Webinar Attendance Rates

If you are like most marketers, you are seeing your webinar attendance rates steadily decline.

oftz0The reality is that people are busier, there is more noise, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to get people out to a webinar. Many people also know that they will get the webinar recording post-event, so they simply register and then plan to learn in their own time (or through osmosis).

You spend a lot of time/money trying to get people to register, and you want them to actually see your webinar and consume your content, so here are a 4 tips that are a sure-fire way to increase your attendance rates:

#1 – Get prospects to add it to their calendars
Make it easy for your registrants to add the event to their calendar (regardless of what calendar they’re using). AddThisEvent is a great tool to help you accomplish this. It should be on your thank you page after registration and also in your confirmation email. In my opinion this is the main purpose of your confirmation email, so make it a big call to action that your prospects add it to their calendars, and don’t bury it somewhere way at the bottom of the email where they will likely miss it.

#2 – Reminder, reminder, reminder, reminder
Send 3-4 reminder emails. The cadence I typically like is 1 week out, 1 day out, 1-hour out and then the moment your webinar starts. The moment the webinar starts is likely the most important one. Have that email queued up before the event, that says something along the lines of ‘our keynote speaker is about to go on, if you aren’t on already, we hope you can join us’.

#3 – Ask what registrants want to get out of the event
Send an email one day before the event asking all your registrants what they are hoping to get out of the webinar. Make it personalized (and looking like its coming from one of the speakers if possible) and position it as a way to make the event more valuable to them. You will be amazed at the type of response you get. This is also a great way to populate those pesky seed questions and also a good way of gauging how to position your content.

#4 – Use Marketing Automation
Use a marketing automation solution like Marketo. This will enable you to have a bi-directional sync from the webcast provider (whether it’s ON24, GoToWebinar, ReadyTalk, or Webex) to your Marketing Automation solution. This simplifies a marketer’s life dramatically and boosts conversion rates. No more manual list imports. No need for prospects to fill out entire forms. Also, it frees up a marketers time so they can focus on the important aspects like messaging and content of the webinar.

Webinars remain one of the highest performing channels when it comes to ROI. When done right, they are arguably the most cost effective, powerful way of increasing brand awareness, raising thought leadership and generating new leads. Using these 4 tips, you can turn more registrants into attendees and attendees into sales.

Do you have any other techniques that you use to boost attendance rates? Please post them in the comments below!